[Lab] Lab Digest, Vol 55, Issue 37

Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Tue Sep 30 12:12:58 EDT 2014

I've also been thinking about making some sort of concentric shaft system
handling up to 4 shafts for a piece of art that I have in mind. I would need
6 separate shaft systems and hence 24 steppers but hey, art does not come
easy (tee hee)!

The best idea I've come up with so far is to use a set of incrementally
larger brass sleeves (as brass is self lubricating) with similarly toothed
cogs soldered/glued to each one. Carefully sized nylon spacers would be used
to keep everything aligned and spaced. A toothed belt would connect each cog
(and sleeve) to its own stepper motor.

Just thinking...

.... Adrian_the_Canadian

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