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Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
Sat Sep 6 11:34:49 EDT 2014

So this dust foot I made for my cnc works great

I want to refine this system.

The first problem is noise. The cnc is quiet but the #$#$%$^%@ vacuum is so
noisy. Of course I only run it 1/10 of the time but it's just insane. I
suppose there're some really expensive shop vacs that take tonnes of space
that are nice and quiet but are there any thoughts?

One idea is to build a box around it. Perhaps running an exhaust vent to
the window while I'm at it... Hmmm. that might be easy as it'd just be a
box with two holes. One for in and one for out...

The other issue is that it's no fun to remove the shoe to change the
cutter. This isn't too much of a problem. The more I think of it I don't
think there's anything to make this any easier. Any thoughts come forward?

Darcy Whyte

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