[Lab] Local hardboard & acrylic?

Justin Slootsky justin at slootsky.org
Wed Sep 3 14:15:16 EDT 2014

I have gotten some hardboard at home depot before. I think they sell it in 2x4 sheets, but you can get them to cut it down to 1x2 sheets. Usually it is a dollar a cut or something like that. 
See if they have a scraps bin near the cutting department. I've gotten smaller pieces of acrylic from the scraps bin at Rona. There was likely hardboard there too. Bring a measuring device if you care about thickness because the scraps bin is unsorted. 

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| I'm going to tempt fate with the laser cutter again tonight. I figured maybe
| if I show up with proper (as in not cardboard) materials to cut, then it
| might take me seriously.

| Anybody know of a source for 1/16" hardboard and/or acrylic? Preferably one
| that's not too far off of my regular commute from Walkley and Bank heading
| North towards Arts Court.

| I've tried calling around to the Micheal's and Home Depot at South Keys and
| am unclear if they'll have what I need.

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