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Pascal Rapicault pascal at rapicault.net
Thu Oct 30 20:21:51 EDT 2014

Hi Adrian,

As per our discussion at the meetup, the design software that comes with 
the Handibots of the Makerspace at the U of Ottawa is called VCarve Pro 
(http://www.vectric.com/products/vcarve-pro.htm). This software lets you 
do your design (though you can import existing ones), define the 
toolpath and finally you can preview the result and the complete path of 
the tool.
It was my first time playing with CNC, and I must admit that it is a 
pretty nice software. On top of that they have tons of in-depth 
tutorials (http://support.vectric.com/training-material/vcarve-pro)



On 29/10/2014 3:34 PM, Adrian Jones wrote:
> Dear all,
> It was a delight to meet so many people interested in and already involved
> with the Maker Space community last night. The new space shows like a blank
> canvas and has so much potential. I look forward to being an active member
> and getting to know you all.. It was a delight to reconnect with Doug
> Commons, an old colleague (although he has aged well!) from BNR days!
> I have asking around for assistance to get me up and running on a new CNC
> machine. Dave and Darcy have already offered help so I'm already in
> experienced hands!  As promised, here is the link to the unit I purchased on
> eBay
> http://www.ebay.ca/itm/221371555923?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m
> 1497.l2649 for $1000. I should receive it within a couple of weeks and I
> plan to bring it to the ModLab and let interested people 'play' with it and
> the USB driver software.
> Warning: Shameful self-promotion ahead!
> Please also take a look at http://wooduino.ca and see what I've been up to.
> I do have a thing for clocks but also play music so MIDI-projests are also
> featured. Comments, suggestions and constructive feedback actively sought!
> Many thanks,
> .... Adrian
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