[Lab] any web developers?

Richard Sloan rsloan at themindfactory.com
Sun Oct 26 21:34:11 EDT 2014

I need some help modifying some HTML/PHP to add "google ads" to my site,
and also make the ads not show if your a registered user. (the reg user
issue I know how that works)

If you look at http://www.esp8266.com homepage you see a gray bar and the
word FORUM in it, that area to the right of it and downwards will be ads,
so what you see now will be say 60-75% of the screen width, and the ads the
rest to the right. This site is also responsive.

Also on the pages that list topics and the actual threads will also need
ads down the right side....

This site is PHPBB3 code.

We can talk more once you respond :-)

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