[Lab] Electronic Textiles Workshop

Remco Volmer programming at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 23 12:27:36 EDT 2014

Hello everyone,

Artengine has a special two-day workshop planned on the weekend of 8
and 9 November. The workshop will be conducted by Barbara Layne of
Studio subTela at the Hexagram Institute in Montreal. The workshop
will address technical, aesthetic and artistic issues including:

* An introduction to basic electronics and designing simple circuits;

* The development of soft circuitry by sewing conductive threads into fabrics;

* The creation of light-emitting fabrics with LEDs and introduction to
Electroluminsicent wires;

* A discussion of sensing devices and interactivity;

* Presentations of projects developed by different artists and
designers of responsive textiles.

Workshop participants will design and create a small project that
incorporates LEDs.

Previous knowledge of sewing or electronics is not required. Tickets
are $50 for the weekend, with all materials being provided. More
information and tickets can be found here:


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