[Lab] hardwood inlay finish.

Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Wed Oct 22 12:23:15 EDT 2014

We live, we learn, we share.

I take your point about cost but as a seasoned woodworker with hundreds of
wood items under my belt (interesting turn of phrase, isn't it) I have to
contend that overall Danish oil is still a better all round finish. Part
varnish surface protection, part deep penetrating oil, and easy to apply and
rework. And with a paste-wax finish, yeah baby! If you want wood grain to
pop, this is for you! 
One thing with linseed oil (esp. double boiled) is to carefully air out your
application rags and put them into a flame-proof container. If you ball them
up, they can spontaneously combust (I know, this has happened to me!).
Another reason to go Danish!

Just saying!

Many thanks, 

.... Adrian

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