[Lab] Just putting it out there....

Justin Hornosty jjrh70 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 11:52:23 EDT 2014

rsloan at themindfactory.com writes:

> Thermochromatic Paint
> Dark grey paint that changes to white paint at 30c
> http://spritesmods.com/?art=thermchromclk

>> (I also found out that it makes some nasty stains in dark pants:
>> forget that the stain is there and the fabric looks completely OK,
>> until you decide to wear it and you have a spot that goes all
>> white... Luckily the paint was water-based and came out quite easily.)

Sadly it's water based but it would make for a cool shirt that said
"it's too hot" or something when it was hot outside :)

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