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Ryan Stec ryanstec at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 16 15:53:10 EDT 2014

Hi Darcy,

In response to your questions.

All paid members where invited to the AGM, if you where a member in good standing you where invited.

In our old system paying for service is tied to membership. This was one of the reasons we offered reduced memberships at the AGM to encourage members to participate in governance. Membership is also one of the key legal structures of the organization. You must be a member to exercise your vote in matters of legal importance to the organization, principally the election of the board but other major changes to the bylaws.

Your point that if people don't know about stuff it's not a good tool is inductive also of how the membership structure as it stood was not a good tool for development of the organization. We are working to make tools for Artengine that work. 

The reality that as an active member you choose to suggest another meeting, while the AGM was occurring, rather than encouraging participation in the process seems also telling of a need for change.

One of the important points we raised at the meeting last night is that this is only one small aspect of how people participate in the direction and operation of the organization. There are a number of other ways including volunteering, casual conversation, discussions on this list,  and even just plain use of the space. 

We hope the new membership will offer deeper engagement with the organization and with each other. Thanks for those who participated in the process and we look forward to speaking with everyone about how to continue to improve Artengine.


Ryan Stec
Artistic Director
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I'm glad the meeting was a success.

Dave wasn't invited to the AGM. If people don't know about stuff then it's
not a good tool. Was the AGM announced outside of sending invites out to a
private list?

That's good to know that there's a 5 percent rule. Has that been in play
for the past years?

How may members are there? Nobody really knows who is a member. The member
list athttp://artengine.ca/community/members-en.php doesn't seem to be a
good reflection of membership. Or is it?

To know if there are 5% of members interested in something the members need
to be able to find each other.
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