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Joseph Michael Sleiman jslei033 at uottawa.ca
Wed Oct 1 23:50:52 EDT 2014


I recently used Smart-Prototyping.com to print, assemble, and ship 5 copies
of a 10cm x 10cm, 1.6cm thick, 2-layer, board. I used Fritzing to design
it, and it had something like 150 pins on each board. I was able to send it
to them without too much hassle (I think I had to re-send some of the files
or export them to images so they could see the labels, that might have been
a bug in my version). Everything turned out fine, the cost was a bit high
(~$50 each with shipping, any customs from DHL, and the boards +
manufacturing + them ordering the parts) but they came quickly (within a
week of finishing the order request) and seem totally functional. They also
sent me spares of whatever components they needed to order again.

Seeed is another good one if you can use just their components. It works
out to be cheaper.

I don't know anyone else who does PCB manufacturing AND assembly. I wish
there was a better solution.

I intend to revise my board design in the future into smaller PCBs, and
I'll probably use Smart-Prototyping again (it would be so tedious to do 32
0602 surface mount LEDs...).


On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 9:52 PM, Natasha D'Souza <natdsou at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to design a very small footprint PCB and have a small
> quantity of boards built. I know that there are companies that offer their
> own proprietary sw to design these PCB's and and upload the design online.
> They will take care of the building, source components etc.
> Has anyone used any of these companies before? What are some of the things
> that I should look out for?
> Thanks,
> Natasha
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