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Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Mon Nov 24 14:28:35 EST 2014

Thanks Darcy, Henri and Richard.


Yes. This is the 3040 (see http://woodsgood.ca/projects/2014/11/07/new-cnc-machine/ ) that I got from China.  If you remember, I made the purchase after speaking with you and Dave about this type of machine. Very impressed with how well it is built!


I have been making several improvements (at least I think so) to it. I added a work-piece light, limit switches to the X- and Y-axis (positive direction only), automatic tool height adjust (see http://woodsgood.ca/projects/2014/11/18/cnc-update-4-limit-switches-homing-and-jogging-control/ ), and a jog box (see http://woodsgood.ca/projects/2014/11/23/cnc-update-5-jog-box/ ) to control the machine without needing to have the software running.


I took a change getting the USB interface to the machine (rather than the normal parallel interface) and I must say that I’m VERY impressed by the USB CNC Controller software – very flexible and while a steep learning curve, I really feel that I’m starting to get the hang of it. 


Now, having said that, I have no direct experience with Mach3 and have only watched a bunch of video tutorials on its operation. However, the CNC USB Software appears to offer similar control, nicely wrapped up in an easy-to-use package. I love the GUI and the dynamic graphic of the tool path as the machine is operating.  You can import images, text, Gerber files, g-code, dfx files... The list goes on!

If you are interested in learning more about this software, please see http://www.planet-cnc.com/ for more details. I’d be happy to show it to anyone who’s interested. You can exercise most of the features without the hardware.


Richard. Thanks to your warning. I am actually using srbp at present while I get the circuit board settings right. However, I do have a very good duct extraction system in my workshop so I just need to hook it to the tool.... Any suggestions or ideas?




.... Adrian


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