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Wed Nov 19 16:06:56 EST 2014

Where will this be located?


On 19/11/2014, Remco Volmer <programming at artengine.ca> wrote:
> Artengine is working with the people who are starting the Ottawa Tool
> Library to help them get off the ground. A Tool Library would be a valuable
> addition to the community, so I'm sharing the call below.
> *A great group of people is in the process of setting up a tool library
> <http://www.ottawatoollibrary.com/> in Ottawa, a place where you can borrow
> tools, learn how to use them, and take workshops. We are looking for people
> like YOU who want to get involved in bringing this project to light.*
> *We believe in access to quality tools and a collaborative environment
> where people can learn and share knowledge. Volunteers are needed during
> the set up phase for tool drives, to assess donated tools, maintain/repair
> tools and to have fun with us. *
> *The process of getting anything going is often long and can be tedious,
> but we are a creative group of people who love to have fun while working
> hard. If we've piqued your interest, please get in touch with Bettina
> <bettina at ottawatoollibrary.com> and we can start talking. *
> *We're thankful for any input or feedback you can give us.*
> *We will also be presenting the Ottawa Tool Library at the next *SoupOttawa
> <http://soupottawa.ca/>* event on Nov 26th at St. Anthony's Banquet Hall
> off Preston. We'd love to meet you, so why not come out and support us? *
> https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/soup-ottawa-7-theme-something-old-something-new-tickets-14325938267

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