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Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
Mon Nov 17 15:54:27 EST 2014

Wohoo, this is going to happen. We've got 8 people on the team with three

We happen to have two people from the Philippines as well. It's a cool

Mark was mentioning to me that we might want to go bigger than a 3 foot
Parol. Here's a concept diagram of a 3 foot parol showing scale.

What do you guyz think? I can make that size using 10 pieces of cardboard.
Any larger and it changes to 17. The belly would be 5, each point 2 and
then two extra for stabilization.

Perhaps I should cut out a 3 and a 4 foot and we can choose one?

Dave said he's lend us some WS2812b strip for this. If that comes forward
cool. Does anybody else have any strip? We don't have to cut. We can just
string it together and use whatever lights we want. I only have like a
meter of it.

I think I probably have the rest of the parts for the electronics.

I'm just about to start working on the control panels. I was thinking of a
wheel to turn and a couple of IR sensors to act as wave sensors. Anybody
want to work on the controllers too? If not I'll make one or two. Someone
can make a controller too. All we probably have to do is have the
controller send out IR codes like a remote control. And with multiple
controllers it'd be like watching TV with more than one remote.

I was thinking of making the first controller out of hardboard. I guess we
can eventually decorate them or have engraving on them...

What size should I make the first controller?

Any ideaz are cool...

Anybody else want to make a contest entry or just make a parol for fun?
It's a great chance to practice Arduino. It's really easy, all you do is
slap some cardboard together add tissue and lights and presto. :)

Darcy Whyte

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