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janick at bergeron.com janick at bergeron.com
Wed Nov 12 10:40:45 EST 2014


This Wiki needs more love and attention! Please email
mlecha at artengine.ca to get a log-in ID to edit the content. 

Just added myself to the Projects page and uploaded the SVG design files
for my loonie, a fun demo item for the laser cutter for left-over
materials: http://www.artengine.ca/modlab/index.php/Projects 

Also created an Epilog Settings page so we can document the settings.
Should that PC crash with all of its setting DAT files, a few people
will be lost (and someone REALLY needs to do a clean-up in those DAT
files): http://www.artengine.ca/modlab/index.php/Epilog_Settings 

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