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Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
Sat Nov 8 11:19:32 EST 2014


I was invited by the Philippines embassy to participate in their parol

It's a really easy thing to make and I though it could be a fun group

We could make a really big parol out of cardboard and tissue and then
decorate it with LEDs and arduino...

I think it just needs an arduino and a strip or two of WS2812b. They strips
don't even have to be cut since they can just be looped around inside it.

It's a great opportunity to flog arduino, electronics, diy, making,

Here's my own parol project http://inventorartist.com/tag/parol/ (which is
probably uninteresting for the contest since it's small)...

I happen to have a stash of cardboard at Artengine that is perfect for a
large parol. The cardboard is very large and is the very thick kind (with
two layers of congregation and three layers of actual cardboard). This
stuff is hard to come by in perfect shape (and in that large format we had
to use my buddies SUV to bring it in without warping it).

Darcy Whyte

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