[Lab] Volunteering for laser cutting name tags

Britta Evans-Fenton technical at artengine.ca
Thu May 1 15:35:59 EDT 2014

Calling all Volunteers

Artengine is running the ALWAYS POPULAR laser cutting name tag activity
again for the 5th anniversary of the Shenkman Arts Center.

*We are looking for:*

2 volunteers who are good with a vector based program.
2 volunteers who can operate the laser
1 volunteer who is interested in working with kids

We also need help with the moving of the laser cutter itself.
Man (or woman) power as well as a vehicle if possible.

The event happens on *May 31st 2014*
set up time:  10am-12pm
event: 12:00-5:00pm
then clean up and beers?

If you could sign up for the day that would be great, but we are always
happy to take you for part of the day.


*Technical Coordinator *
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