[Lab] another thought about learning arduino: budget

Amos Hayes amos at polkaroo.net
Tue Mar 4 12:24:34 EST 2014

I'm getting excited about this. My thoughts:

For the beginner workshop, have a 'bring your own Arduino Uno' price and a
'Arduino Uno included' price I guess? That's probably the costliest
component that people are likely to already have. All other bits are
included. Intermediate workshop would assume you still have your own or got
one via the beginner - unless you wanted to do something wearable or
otherwise non-Uno (which would also be cool). Uno is the current "base"
model and most compatible/widely used/supported, right?

Beginner $50
Beginner (BYOA) $30

Intermediate (BYOA) $75

amos at polkaroo.net

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:29 AM, Justin Hornosty <jjrh70 at gmail.com> wrote:

> amos at polkaroo.net writes:
> > I'm keen to attend. I'd be up for attending a beginner session where the
> > goal is to learn the environment and capabilities while building
> something
> > relatively simple. I'd also be up for a second session not long after
> > (don't want to forget everything) where we make something more elaborate
> > (and expensive). People could always choose to team up if the material
> cost
> > for the second workshop became a problem - but if people can foot the
> bill
> > they could tackle it themselves.
> >
> > For something more complicated, I'd be up for something like this, but
> > reacting to ifttt.com recipes or other input to set the colour.
> >
> >
> http://www.instructables.com/id/Twitter-Mood-Light-The-Worlds-Mood-in-a-Box/
> What exactly is the cost breakdown? Perhaps if it's targeted at the
> never touched an arduino people then buying all the parts on the spot
> makes sense. If it's targeted at slightly more advanced people, many of
> us would already have most of the parts required.
> Not that I'm exactly worried about paying $20-$50 but (and perhaps i'm
> not the target for a workshop like this) I don't see the point of owning
> yet another arduino. I do however understand that it may not be
> fair/cost effective to have half the people bring their own
> stuff. (Mouser and I think digi key have free shipping/duty on orders
> over $200 and ~10 people might make sense)
> -jjrh
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