[Lab] Hotmail unblocked Artengine

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Jun 24 22:29:14 EDT 2014

Just a note to say that hotmail.com, sympatico.ca, bell.net, live.ca, live.com 
and outlook.com have unblocked artengine.ca, at last. I restored all 
lab at artengine.ca subscriptions that had been automatically suspended by excess 

Any emails lost in the last few weeks have been available online in the 
lab's archive since the moment they have gone through the mailing-list. 
Any mails received from the six domains listed above have gone through the 
mailing-list, because artengine.ca has blocked no-one : it's only been in 
the other direction.

| Mathieu BOUCHARD ----- téléphone : +1.514.383.3801 ----- Montréal, QC

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