[Lab] More Arduino stuff!

Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorArtist.com
Fri Jun 13 12:42:54 EDT 2014

We've got some new members in the Arduino user group (Blink) that are very
active so we've been meeting quite frequently. As you can see in the
current schedule http://inventorartist.com/learn-arduino/ and prior events
at the bottom of the page.

We've also got the new Arduino Challenge contest going (already has 14
participants). http://inventorartist.com/learn-arduino/

The prizes have expanded a little as well.

So if you want to learn Arduino this is a great chance.

The meetup tomorrow is particularly attractive as we are essentially
crashing the libraries existing 4 week course (ending tomorrow)... We camp
outside the course and we get to meet the 10 or so course participants...
We have a soldering iron and everything so it's a blast.

Darcy Whyte

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