[Lab] Ottawa Arduino Challenge

dave at huntgang.com dave at huntgang.com
Wed Jun 11 13:50:28 EDT 2014


Are you struggling with too much free time? Have you ever wanted a
free mystery component for your Arduino tool box? Then you need to check
out the Ottawa Arduino Challenge! Heck you might even come away the
winner of an Arduino Uno and more importantly BRAGGING RIGHTS! 

idea was to create a simple contest which would encourage Arduino
project development within the community. We are trying to facilitate
people collaborating and sharing their ideas and hope that using a
common sensor might help. Darcy and I have pulled this idea (contest)
together rather quickly but we are more than interested in others
feedback or help with the contest. 

To find out more about registering
and getting your free mystery component, check out the webpage at
http://inventorartist.com/oac/ [1] or better yet, stop by ModLab tonight
as we should have the first batch of registration kits available. But
hurry because we only have a limited number of sensors and you won't
want to miss out on yours! 

Dave Hunt & Darcy Whyte 

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