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John Nicol john_nicol at hotmail.com
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Hi Darcy,

I am starting to do instrument panels on my CNC for our aircraft and one of
the things I do is get some white acrylic, paint it and then engrave through
the paint to get the letters and marks I need.  I then back-light the panel
with LED's.  This might be something you can try with the portraits?

I will post pix up one day of what I am up to, but here is an example from
another website:  


You don't need to paint the panels either, you could just engrave clear
acrylic and edge light them:



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Today's Topics:

   1. materials for relief carvings (Darcy Whyte)


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I've been experimenting with relief carvings (
http://inventorartist.com/cnc-machine-for-portraits/) and was wondering if
anybody had any ideas on some fun material to try.

The picture show some white hardboard.

I think with some wood I could fill the relief with color and then sand the
top to expose the wood.

Darcy Whyte

Art+ inventorArtist.com <http://inventorartist.com/> | Aviation
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