[Lab] Desperate Plea

Aurelius R maxrowsell at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 19:36:23 EDT 2014

Hey everyone.

If at all possible, I really, really need either an AVR Dragon, AVR
JTAGICE, or other AVR debugging tool. My AVR Dragon crapped out a few
months back, but it hasn't been an issue until I really needed to debug
some code.

If anyone owns one and could lend it to me for a few hours, I would be in
your debt, and would totally owe you one.

Thanks in advance! And keep an eye on the Arduino workshops that Darcy is
doing, hopefully I'll be teaching something cool in one of them :)

Alexander Max Rowsell
Frozen Electronics (frozenelectronics.com)
(613) 809-7163
73 de VA3XMR!
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