[Lab] Google Cardboard, aka the "Oculus Thrift"

Jason Arnold arnold.jason at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 13:18:08 EDT 2014

Good news, everyone: the lenses are in!

The final bill came to $162, so how does $11 per pair sound?

I'm planning to be at ModLab this Weds for those ready to get underway.
Anyone wanna book the laser? I've attached the design files; the one we
want is in .eps format. Incidentally, I found a handy tutorial to add .eps
capability to Inkscape:


so while I can now look at the file, I was sick during last week's Intro to
Laser Cutting workshop, so I lack the knowledge to make it laser-ready :(


2014-07-16 8:56 GMT-04:00 Jason Arnold <arnold.jason at gmail.com>:

> Wow it's been a whole week, time for an update!
> I didn't get an invoice per se, but SurplusShed did bill and send me a
> tracking number. The package cleared customs yesterday, I have my fingers
> crossed it'll land on my step before ModLab tonight! Watch this space :)
> *Jason*
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