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aaron at ottawarobotics.org aaron at ottawarobotics.org
Thu Jul 17 10:46:35 EDT 2014

The craftbot seems to be a bit of fluff. They are talking like they are 
fixing problems, but really they are targeting "issues" from a year or 
two ago and aren't really coming up with much new. The custom software 
and hardware makes me think that you'll end up regretting not having a 
standard solution later on when these guys go out of business and you 
are left holding the bag.

The Cobblebot looks like it will end up being a wobblebot. Bigger 
printers need better mechanical structure and it looks like they've just 
increased the dimensions without much thought. Also the price is really 
aggressive... There isn't any margin for mistakes or problems along the 
way. That leads to failed kickstarters normally.

I'm with Darcy... buy an existing printer which is proven rather than 
promises of greatness 6 months to a year out. A lot can change between 
now and when these things maybe deliver... why not print in the 

Personally I like the Printrbot Simple as a good starter printer. 
Decently priced, good community support and robust. Once you have that, 
build the next one from scratch using the Printrbot to print parts and 


On 2014-07-17 08:19, Justin Slootsky wrote:
> There are two 3d printers on different crowd funding sites that look
> interesting and I'm considering getting one of them.
> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/craftbot-3d-printer
> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cobblebot/cobblebot-3d-printer
> If any of you 3d printer people have the time to look at and critique
> (or praise) these printers, I'd appreciate it. Also if there are other
> low(ish) priced commercially available printers (or kits) that I
> should be considering.
> One thing I'd like to do that neither of these talk about is use
> ninjaflex filament. I understand that the feed system needs certain
> characteristics to use ninjaflex, but I'm not clear on what the
> requirements are. (possibly the feed needs to be near the extruder so
> it doesn't bend like an octranspo bus in the snow)
> If you think it is more appropriate to contact me offlist, feel free.
> Thanks
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