[Lab] Crowd funded 3d printers

Justin Slootsky justin at slootsky.org
Thu Jul 17 08:19:31 EDT 2014

There are two 3d printers on different crowd funding sites that look 
interesting and I'm considering getting one of them.



If any of you 3d printer people have the time to look at and critique (or 
praise) these printers, I'd appreciate it. Also if there are other low(ish) 
priced commercially available printers (or kits) that I should be considering.

One thing I'd like to do that neither of these talk about is use ninjaflex 
filament. I understand that the feed system needs certain characteristics 
to use ninjaflex, but I'm not clear on what the requirements are. (possibly 
the feed needs to be near the extruder so it doesn't bend like an octranspo 
bus in the snow)

If you think it is more appropriate to contact me offlist, feel free.


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