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Roman Gargulak roman at cncwings.com
Sun Jan 26 19:20:42 EST 2014

If you are building switched power bar similar to PowerSwitch Tail or 
the one in the link posted by Justin, be careful as you are dealing with 
lethal voltages.
You may consider power outlet like this for your project:
It will give you also 2x 2.1A at 5VDC.

Just a side note, in Canada, the Canadian Electrical Code requires 
manufacturers or importers of electrical products to get them “approved” 
for electrical safety.
This is usually done by CSA or UL (or other approved certification body) 
for large quantities, or Special Inspection Service can be done for 
small quantities or individual one-of projects.
Any "appliance" without this certification or approval is illegal and 
shall not be connected to the utility power grid.
If, God forbid, such appliance causes damage, injury or death, no 
insurance will cover these damages and installer of such appliance bears 
full liability.

Stay safe!


On 1/26/2014 4:43 PM, Jim Kiskis wrote:
> A arduino that they might spare for purchase as I am wanting to make a power switcher from justin's previous  post
> Jim
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