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I have been working with SketchUp for some good years now, and it seems to
me that this is just a little something that happens, even on very simple

Most of the time what I do is just reinforce one of the lines of the shape.
Then, suddenly, it understands that it is a different surface and goes on.

This problem tends to get worse when the model is more complex, or when you
need to fiddle with very minute details.


2014/1/19 Darcy Whyte <darcy at inventorartist.com>

> I often run into this odd problem in sketchup. I have a surface on which I
> draw a small shape. I expect the shape to be a part of the surface. So if I
> triple click the surface the shape gets selected. Occasionally I wind up
> with a shape on a surface that has not joined the surface. Sometimes I can
> make it join the surface by drawing a line from the shape to an edge of the
> surface then deleting this line. Sometimes not.
> Anybody had this problem?
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