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Thanks for the reminder, Stephen.
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> Well, I don?t have my own 3D printer at home yet, but I do get to use the 3D Systems ProJet HD 3000 we have at our office.
> The neat thing is, members of this list also get to use the ProJet HD 3000 at my office.
> This printer uses acrylic plastic and wax support material.  Layers are 32 microns, and the accuracy is within 0.002?, so the parts are quite high quality.
> Envirolaser offers a 3D print service and sometimes we have extra space on the build plate.
> For members of this list, any non-commercial 3D printing is done at a huge discount if we can include the part with one of our commercial builds.
> Generally, the cost is simply materials and maybe $5 ? $10 in time charges.
> Stephen Burke
> Account Executive
> Envirolaser Ltd.
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