[Lab] 3d printing in general - equipment and opportunity

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Tue Jan 21 11:00:08 EST 2014

Well, I don’t have my own 3D printer at home yet, but I do get to use the 3D Systems ProJet HD 3000 we have at our office.

The neat thing is, members of this list also get to use the ProJet HD 3000 at my office.

This printer uses acrylic plastic and wax support material.  Layers are 32 microns, and the accuracy is within 0.002”, so the parts are quite high quality.

Envirolaser offers a 3D print service and sometimes we have extra space on the build plate.

For members of this list, any non-commercial 3D printing is done at a huge discount if we can include the part with one of our commercial builds.

Generally, the cost is simply materials and maybe $5 – $10 in time charges.

Stephen Burke
Account Executive
Envirolaser Ltd.

613-619-1013 cell
613-225-4726 office
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