[Lab] 3d printing in general

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This is my first time responding to any group mailings so excuse me if I've
done something incorrectly.
I don't have a printer, yet!  I'm waiting on my Pirate Buccaneer,
Kickstarter funded, printer.  I actually don't recall the expected delivery
date.  But I did just receive my 3Doodler, a 3D printing pen [another
Kickstarter project].
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3D printer prices range all over the map. My first printer, the Prusa,
probably cost around $700 or so to source and build. My Printrbot Jr. was
$299 + shipping and taxes, coming to just over $400. My Smartrap is likely
to end up being around $250 to have built. The OB1.4 was built from left
overs from another project so its hard to figure, but perhaps around $400 to

Printrbot has one called the Simple which is $299 still. The Qu-bd Oneup is
only $199, although it is new and I haven't seen much feedback on it yet.
There is also the Makibox which is $199 (or $299 with the heated bed option)
but they are still slowly working through their backlog so it would be
months before you would receive one.

Anyhow, the idea is that it is possible to get your hands on a nice cheap


 <mailto:maxrowsell at gmail.com> Aurelius R
Monday, January 20, 2014 5:46 PM
God I wish I had a 3D printer. Just can't afford one at all. A laser cutter
would be nice too. I've got a few project boxes that need shapes cut into
On that note, I've always wondered -- what materials can a laser cutter cut?
Is plastic easy or does it melt the edges a bit? Never really had the chance
to check out the one at the lab. I've actually been meaning to come in
before my membership expires. Hopefully I'll get around to it.

Peace, Love, Empathy

Alexander Max Rowsell

 <mailto:aaron at ottawarobotics.org> aaron at ottawarobotics.org
Monday, January 20, 2014 4:17 PM
I had a Prusa V1 for a couple of years and sold it this summer (bearing
little resemblance to the original design by that point). I've had a
Printrbot Jr. for a year and a half. I've got a customized OB1.4 (redesigned
for 10mm smooth rod everywhere and dual bowden cables). I've also got a
SmartRap underway... all printed and just waiting for me to get back to
wiring it. 

Beyond that, in terms of specialized equipment, I've also got a Taig CNC
machine, a manual Taig lathe, a K40-III 40W laser cutter and a Puhui T-962A
reflow oven. Oh, and an eggbot which needs some loving before Easter. ;-) 

Sort of a self-contained makerlab in my basement. I don't get a chance to
make it into the Art Engine lab and meetings very often unfortunately though
as I do some volunteer work with kids on Wednesdays though. I found that I
ended up playing around with my own designs late at night when it was easier
to just start getting my own equipment. 


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