[Lab] 3d printing in general

aaron at ottawarobotics.org aaron at ottawarobotics.org
Mon Jan 20 16:17:28 EST 2014

I had a Prusa V1 for a couple of years and sold it this summer (bearing 
little resemblance to the original design by that point). I've had a 
Printrbot Jr. for a year and a half. I've got a customized OB1.4 
(redesigned for 10mm smooth rod everywhere and dual bowden cables). I've 
also got a SmartRap underway... all printed and just waiting for me to 
get back to wiring it.

Beyond that, in terms of specialized equipment, I've also got a Taig 
CNC machine, a manual Taig lathe, a K40-III 40W laser cutter and a Puhui 
T-962A reflow oven. Oh, and an eggbot which needs some loving before 
Easter. ;-)

Sort of a self-contained makerlab in my basement. I don't get a chance 
to make it into the Art Engine lab and meetings very often unfortunately 
though as I do some volunteer work with kids on Wednesdays though. I 
found that I ended up playing around with my own designs late at night 
when it was easier to just start getting my own equipment.


On 2014-01-20 15:22, greg atcheson wrote:
> Roll call, who has their own 3d printer? I have had a Reprap for now
> more than a year, I'm working on a second one also.
> I'd like to meet other people building printers (or other hobby CNC
> devices!). I'd also like to know if anyone out there needs help with
> their printer, or wants anything printed (probably not since i 
> realize
> the lab has a 3d printer already!)
> I hope there are at least a few responses! :-)
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