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Britta Evans-Fenton technical at artengine.ca
Tue Jan 7 10:23:14 EST 2014

Staying Analogue in a Digital World: a 16mm Film Looping Workshop


Ottawa Film Artist Roger D. Wilson will take participants through the process
of creating a short experimental 16mm film loop. Participants will have the
opportunity to create a 10 second experimental film loop using 16mm found
footage and outtakes taken from Roger’s own film experiments. Participants
will also be introduced to various techniques that can be used to further
experiment and manipulate the film image. Roger will also speak about
designing and building film looping systems that can be used with 16mm film
projectors. Information on where participants can access found footage and
film projecting systems for future projects will also be discussed.


Roger D. Wilson is an experimental film artist who lives in Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada. Roger’s artistic practice begins and ends with film, super
8mm, 16mm and 35mm formats; his technical process is based on using the
medium of film to explore new techniques and processes. His films are
infused with thematically-related techniques such as layering images,
adding textures and hand processing and printing the film. Roger is also a
founding member of The Windows Collective, a group of six Ottawa filmmakers
who create and exhibit experimental film loops. His 16mm film loops: My
Friend Isabelle, Gasping for Air and Liquid Fields were all created as part
of the Windows Collective.

WHEN: Thursday, January 9th 2014, 7pm-9pm

WHERE: Artengine's M70 lab in Artscourt, 2 Daly Ave

WHY: Because information wants to be free!

for more information please contact Britta at technical at artengine.ca
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