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Aurelius R maxrowsell at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 16:11:20 EST 2014

I have just stumbled onto the amazing thing that is Sketchup. In school, we
learned the beginnings of Blender and also another one whose name I can't
remember, and I always wanted to get back into it.

I think because I have experience working with 3D models, I only had to
watch the very basic tutorial videos and I was off and running, though I
suspect the average person wouldn't need much more than that either.

I've designed the shelf I've always wanted, which is freestanding and sits
on my desk to give me shelf space above my monitors. Hard to explain
without seeing it. I also prototyped a project case with a speaker hole in
the bottom and standoffs etc.

My question for all you 3D printer experts out there is, what format do
most 3D printers take? I've noticed that this program can export the 3D
models in quite a few different formats.

My other question was, if I wanted to print a small case for one of my
boards, am I allowed to do it at the lab?

Peace, Love, Empathy

Alexander Max Rowsell
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