[Lab] Snowflake project

Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorArtist.com
Sat Feb 15 12:26:52 EST 2014

So the snowflake project is finished thanks for all the help!

I've already got inquiries for doing other installations and stuff so I'm
pretty hyped about making light...

I realize that it's a pretty cool shtick to pick up on peoples' motion and
other stuff. The ultrasound system works but I'm sure there are lots of
other things to explore.

Some other ideas came forward that were a great deal more complicated. I've
not gone over all of them yet but I'm still interested in exploring new
ways I can get data from people.

Here are the ideas:

-ultrasonic rangefinders
-IR occupancy detection
-camera + openCV
-there was one on radar, will eyeball that one
-beams that people break when they move around

Anything else that comes to mind that might be fun?

Darcy Whyte

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