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Andrew Barbour andrew.g.barbour at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 14:03:41 EST 2014

Model B works for me - or maybe even a smaller number of shareholders - it
seems more like a 'timeshare' to me. I would suggest a smaller number than
10 though if there is not a mutually agreed upon highly accessible
location. Or... have the ability to buy more than 1 share.  For me it
starts to get interesting at one week per month - as this would be about
enough time to work on the files/projects ahead of time as well as complete
the finishing work on cut projects.

I am still working on a DIY machine though.... I have steppers, T slot,
Ball screws, and a father who is a machinist.... I may need to pick some
folks brains in the coming months.


On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 1:24 PM, Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
[ORE_bits] <ORE_bits at yahoogroups.com> wrote:

> I've been thinking lately that it's actually a bit pathetic that there are
> no communal CNC machines in this city.
> There's the new Ottawa U ones but they're small format and the shapokos
> they have are a little light weight (even for a hobbyist). There are some
> other machines coming forward but things take time and regardless I think
> there is some fun to be had with a shared machine. Why not add some
> capacity to the community anyway.
> It's not like it's a terrible expense (1000-2000 for something that can do
> real work). Many people are getting them on their own but I think having a
> communal one would be cool.
> -people can then learn it
> -people who are thinking about it can try it
> -people can do real work
> I'm thinking of buying one strickly for this purpose but if there are
> others who are serious we can have it as a joint project.
> I think to have it as communal all we need to do is come up with the
> policy for the machine. Probably everyone just has their own endmills as
> that's the main thing that breaks. The rest of it is pretty low maintenance.
> Model A
> I just buy it myself and we have a box to add quarters and use it like a
> jukebox.Or not even bother with collecting. I'd move it from venue to
> venue. I'd likely give some workshops with the machine. Some sorta CNC
> parties too.
> Model B
> A small group buys it. We have a list of costs (buying into the project,
> selling out), how maintenance is shared, custodianship and so forth. If we
> have 10 people on a 2000 machine that's only 200 bucks a head. It could
> live in whatever venues we decide and moved from basement to basement as
> needed.
> I was starting to think about a small machine with a 30x40cm work area.
> But I'm now leaning towards a 6040. It's a little harder to tote but the
> value of the machine is a bit higher. They're great for processing wood,
> hardboard, acrylic and tonnes of other stuff.
> Since there are no venues suitable for this, I think one of these smaller
> machines is just right. When I venue comes forward I think we should at a
> 6090 to the mix.
> So who's interested in a Model A or B or both?
> Darcy
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