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Darcy Whyte darcy at inventorartist.com
Tue Dec 30 13:24:51 EST 2014

I've been thinking lately that it's actually a bit pathetic that there are
no communal CNC machines in this city.

There's the new Ottawa U ones but they're small format and the shapokos
they have are a little light weight (even for a hobbyist). There are some
other machines coming forward but things take time and regardless I think
there is some fun to be had with a shared machine. Why not add some
capacity to the community anyway.

It's not like it's a terrible expense (1000-2000 for something that can do
real work). Many people are getting them on their own but I think having a
communal one would be cool.

-people can then learn it
-people who are thinking about it can try it
-people can do real work

I'm thinking of buying one strickly for this purpose but if there are
others who are serious we can have it as a joint project.

I think to have it as communal all we need to do is come up with the policy
for the machine. Probably everyone just has their own endmills as that's
the main thing that breaks. The rest of it is pretty low maintenance.

Model A
I just buy it myself and we have a box to add quarters and use it like a
jukebox.Or not even bother with collecting. I'd move it from venue to
venue. I'd likely give some workshops with the machine. Some sorta CNC
parties too.

Model B
A small group buys it. We have a list of costs (buying into the project,
selling out), how maintenance is shared, custodianship and so forth. If we
have 10 people on a 2000 machine that's only 200 bucks a head. It could
live in whatever venues we decide and moved from basement to basement as

I was starting to think about a small machine with a 30x40cm work area. But
I'm now leaning towards a 6040. It's a little harder to tote but the value
of the machine is a bit higher. They're great for processing wood,
hardboard, acrylic and tonnes of other stuff.

Since there are no venues suitable for this, I think one of these smaller
machines is just right. When I venue comes forward I think we should at a
6090 to the mix.

So who's interested in a Model A or B or both?


Darcy Whyte

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