[Lab] Merry Christmas

Dave Hunt dave at huntgang.com
Sun Dec 21 16:39:45 EST 2014

Speaking of Merry Christmas... My wife has been asking for me to put up the
Christmas lights for so many years, I think I finally found an excuse to do
it... I have been working on syncronising my Christmas Lights to music.  I
might not be the most artistic when it comes to the effects etc.  But I
think it is working out extremely well!  Especially considering I really
only started November 1st.

Some of you might have seen my Halloween "display" video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47vxr5Er-Uc where is syncronised a couple
of lights outside to the sound of thunder as well as a few red lights
inside syncronised to a heartbeat which were played outside on a pair of

Well I have significantly expanded on this for my Christmas display
including WS2812B RGB LED strip along the roof line, 64 channels of
lighting control including two "magic" signing trees, various candy canes,
mini christmas trees, standard LED Light Strings, an inflateable Frosty and
a couple of laser projectors.  There are three arduinos and a whole bunch
of hand made PCB Circuit boards involved along with a Laptop as the main
center of the show.  Thanks to Richard I even have an FM transmitter
(running on low power) to send the music into your vehicle so people can
stay nice and warm.  I estimate I have around 400 hours into the project


I am continually tweaking things so what you see in the video has changed
and it is only a couple of the songs.  I am currently running the show
between 5:00pm and 10:00pm and am located on Argyle St in Almonte (20
minutes from Kanata Canadian Tire Center) in case anyone wants to check out
the rest of the show in person.

That said, I wanted to guage the amount of interest in an "off-site" (at my
house) presentation on how I pulled this all together.  Kind of like the
Thursday sessions.  I say off site, so that we could actualy see the system
in action as a complete setup and I can do some "show and tell".  I have
not passed this idea by my wife, but if there is enough interest I will see
what I can arange.  I want to clean up the yard January 1st (weather
permitting) and I know the Christmas Holidays will make things difficult
for some to find the time.  I also make no guarantees until I can setup
some dates.  I figure we could setup some car pooling if I can pull this

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