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The resistance idea is interesting. If the two probes are far from each
other, then it would measure across the medium rather than just a single
spot in the soil... But I have no idea how resistance relates to moisture
or mineral content in soil or in the roots. Let me know if you guys start a
blog or something tracking its progress. I'm curious about it now.

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On Dec 11, 2014 1:37 PM, "Darcy Whyte" <darcy at inventorartist.com> wrote:

> I had started a project thinking I'd make a hydroponic system.
> http://inventorartist.com/cilantro-matic/
> I wound up making a vermicompost so I can make soil instead.
> http://inventorartist.com/vermicomposting/
> That seems to make more sense since we're just turning table scraps to
> soil then back to food. The vermi also eats newsprint, junk mail and all
> sorts of other stuff so it's really cool.
> Kevin from the Arduino meetups has been talking up the idea of making an
> automatic watering system for plants.
> He gave me a senor to stick in the soil (to measure resistance) and I was
> thinking of getting going on that project.
> For figuring out when to water I was thinking that just a timer might be
> enough. I'm not convinced we can know enough about the soil by measuring
> resistance in one spot.
> What about weight? Some peiso elecrics can detect pressure. When the plant
> receives water you can see it taper off in the weight so we know what's
> going on. And it's all relative measurement so the weight of the plant and
> other stuff isn't needed.
> Any thoughts on that?
> I just got some mint seeds in the mail so I was starting to think about
> this.
> Also, my hot chili peppers are giving seeds now. If anybody wants any
> seeds let me know. I've already germinated a few and they seem to come up
> pretty fast. These peppers grow fast and are very robust. They also taste
> great! There's nothing like always having fresh hot chili peppers on hand.
> I've not figured out how to successfully pollinate and get the seeds from
> the basil yet. I think I have to set plants aside for that and let them
> blossom (snipping blossoms on the ones that get harvested)...
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