[Lab] ESP8266 issues and data logger

Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Tue Dec 9 12:56:56 EST 2014

Dear all,
I added a simple error counter to the software to reset and restart the
ESP8266 if it goes haywire. So far (overnight, at least) all appears well.
Nevertheless, I do plan using the ATmega328 watchdog time (WDT) to put the
unit to sleep and into low power mode, and awaken after some period of time.
Using the highest value in the timer prescalers, the longest I can get the
Arduino to sleep is 8 seconds before the WDT overflows and wakes up.
However, I need a sleep time in the order of 10s of minutes. So, less than
ideal, I have added a counter so that after 8 seconds, the software wakes,
increments and counter and then goes back to sleep. After 'n' of these
cycles, I execute the WiFi software.
I've tried prescaling the system clock but to no avail. Anyone know how to
extend the WDT longer than 8 seconds?

... Adrian

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