[Lab] ESP8266 issues and data logger (Ken McKinnon)

Adrian Jones adrian at woodsgood.ca
Mon Dec 8 15:05:41 EST 2014

You raise an interesting idea but I'm not sure that this is required. 
Watchdog timers are great if the Arduino misbehaves. However, the issue I
have is that it is the ESP8266 that  gets stuck in a loop, not the Arduino.
When it is in this 'stuck' state, subsequent AT commands to the ESP8266
throw errors (which I can capture) and this is a good indication that it
needs resetting.
I already use an Arduino pin (via Schottky diode and 10k pull-up to 3.3V) to
force a reset of the ESP8266 during the setup. This leaves it in a known
state before I start sending AT commands to it. I have now added code to
force a reset if 10 errors are seen in succession. This should address the


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Sounds like you need to add a watchdog function, something that sits outside
the main code that gets tweaked once in a while and if it doesn't it will
cause a reset.


The Watchdog has a separate timer that ticks over at a set rate, if it
overflows, it will force a reset.  The working code within your cycle
periodically would have to clear the WDT thereby preventing it from an
unplanned reset.

It can also be done externally.


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