[Lab] ESP8266 issues and data logger

Peter Sjoberg peters-modlab at techwiz.ca
Sun Dec 7 14:10:24 EST 2014

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On 12/07/2014 09:52 AM, Adrian Jones wrote:
> Dear all,
> After the suggestions and ideas from you all, I have developed a
> proof-of-concept data logger (http://woodsgood.ca/projects/ ) that currently
> measures temperature and humidity. I shall be refining it to measure the
> water temperature and water level of our lake. The breadboard design has
> been running for a couple of days and I am pleased enough with it to create
> a circuit board and complete the rest of the hardware.
How do you plan to power it ? I started a remote sensor but using normal
rf link to a central spot that then can upload things wherever and found
battery lifetime to be a problem, 2xAA would last less than a month, see
end of
for my numbers (and code and so on).
> Overall, while the ESP8266 is a neat little device and a very cheap solution
> for a WiFi transceiver, I have found it to be somewhat unstable and somewhat
> unpredictable.
Not good in a place-and-forget setup where you don't want to touch it
for a long while.
> I shall try to narrow down what's happening (rail stability
> is one issue that I already reported on) but on occasion it has entered
> something like a reset loop where it spits out it's "System Ready" message
> repeatedly and does not respond to any AT commands.
How often? once a week, once an hour or ?
> A hard reset (power
> cycle) or a chip reset (RST low for 50ms) seems to get everything back on
> track. I shall build this into the software to force a reset if the unit
> throws multiple failed transmission errors, so this issue (maybe of my own
> making) can be addressed.
In order to save battery I guess you could simplify it and just power
down the whole module while resting and then it always reset before sending.

> I don't know if others have experienced this instability, so ideas please? 
> Once I test the new batch I have ordered, I shall report again.
Sounds like I need to get my hands on one of this to do some testing.
What's best, get one from you or ebay (like
http://www.ebay.ca/itm/221619180149) ?

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