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Remco, has the laser been fixed and is it operational? If not can you send the membership an estimated time it will be back online?

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 Hello everyone,
 First, a brief housekeeping notice: in the next weeks, we'd
 like to do a
 bit of a winter cleaning of the two labs, M70 and M76. If
 you have anything
 stored in either of the labs that you don't want
 accidentally thrown out,
 please let us know so we can set it aside.
 Second, we'd like to invite you all to an informal social at
 the M70 lab to
 close off the year. We'll have some drinks, some snacks,
 some convivial
 mingling. We'll also take this opportunity to show our
 appreciation for
 Britta and all the work she has done for Artengine over the
 last three
 years, and wish her luck in her new job. This affable affair
 will take
 place on *Thursday, 18 December from 18:00 to 23:00. *
 Have a great weekend,
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