[Lab] Anyone with RF experience?

Richard Wiens richard.wiens at rogers.com
Wed Dec 3 10:33:02 EST 2014

I bought a very cheap (like $1) 433 MHz TX/RX pair awhile back and have just started to play with it.  All I want to do is remotely activate a switch.  Lots of examples on the interweb of hooking each end up to an MCU and sending data, but I really just want to push a button at one end and have a motor turned on at the other end.  Tried a little experiment with LEDs and the interesting thing is that holding the button down on the TX end only seems to produce a 'pulse' at the RX end...the LED doesn't stay on.
Other cheap/simple remote ideas welcome (it needs to work outdoors over about 30m with clear line of sight.
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