[Lab] dust control on small cnc

Justin Slootsky justin at slootsky.org
Tue Aug 26 09:41:33 EDT 2014

What about suction on the table? Reverse air hockey table. It would pull the dust down to the table, and prevent it from becoming airborne. 

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| So I was just dusting around my CNC and after shoveling it off the floor
| underneath I think it's time to finally get this under control.

| I had this idea of making a box around it (very light out of thin wood and
| use some clear plastic sheet (like from a clear shower curtain). The theory
| was that the machine would do it's business under the curtain, then after
| the dust is settled, I lift it and remove the workpiece. I imagined having
| it on a hoist so I could just move it up to the ceiling.

| Then I got thinking, boy that would be a big awkward ugly mess.

| What about just building a box on the gantry that would ride along the
| gantry. The front flap could flip up and drape over the top (like those old
| cameras with the curtain you could get access to the cutting area even when
| it's running).

| I thought wow, that'd be a much smaller box and could probably stay attached
| all the time.

| Then I got thinking... what about just building a box around the the
| truck/cutter. Then it would ride back and forth on the gantry. It'd be
| smaller.

| The dust would be prone to float around inside it but if the skirt is close
| to the workpiece not much dust would escape... So it would mostly settle on
| the workpiece...

| At that rate you may as well attach a vacuum.

| But then we're back where we started. I made one of those and the little
| skirt got in the way and the vacuum was noisy.... And it was a pain to
| change the endmill.

| What I'm trying to accomplish is to have all the dust settle on the work area
| and not get airborn...

| Thoughts?

| I'm stuck in a loop.

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