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Hey Darcy,
I noticed what you were describing last week when I used it. First time it's happened to me. It would re-position itself after I had it placed (xy off) and hit the "Go" button for the first time (*second time is when it actually started its cuts). My work around was to then re-adjust my project to where the machine had re-positioned itself to. I generally start my cuts from left-center, so it wasn't too much of an ordeal. It's not ideal, but it worked out alright. Sorry I didn't report this earlier. I didn't perform any actions that were out of the ordinary (to my knowledge anyhow), so I don't think I prompted it to act that way. Hopefully we can get this resolved. Here to help in any way possible.


From: darcy at inventorArtist.com
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:56:00 -0400
To: lab at artengine.ca
Subject: [Lab] laser status

I noticed last night when I was called to help with the laser that it's acting out. Just after setting home it is going through some routine moving the head around and then arriving back near home.

Did this problem just occur last night? It is helpful if people come forward when problems are noticed so anybody investigating can know the entire history of the problem. For instance if there was any attempts at resolving a problems, what was it and what was the outcome. What was going on when the problem occurred and so forth.

What is the status of the machine now? Is it working?

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