[Lab] Looking to trade - hookup wire - 18 AWG and enclosures

Andrew Barbour andrew.g.barbour at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 21:37:58 EDT 2014

Hey Justin (et al) The cases are really sweet....

Hammond Manufacturing

And to answer a few questions I have been asked about the wire....


18 AWG stranded (16x30) tinned copper conductor, PVC insulation. Rated
105ºC, 300V. Rated 600V peak for electronic circuits, and wiring of
electronic and electrical equipment.
For colours - as of right now I have red,green,purple, orange, white,
black, yellow

I also have a few rolls of teflon coated if you like to run wire through
nasty environments....

I will answer any further questions in one-on-one emails - I don't want to
abuse this list....


On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 12:53 PM, Justin Hornosty <jjrh70 at gmail.com> wrote:

> andrew.g.barbour at gmail.com writes:
> > Anyone interested in 18 AWG hookup wire?  I have a bunch of 100ft
> rolls.... I
> > also have a bunch of 4"x3"x12" black anodized aluminum enclosures - very
> > slick looking boxes....
> >
> can you post a picture of the cases? What colors are the hookup wires
> in? stranded wire I'm guessing?
> Will you accept money as trade? (I can also trade a raspberry pi model
> B, teensy3.0, msp430 launchpad board, bunch of various IC's of varying
> quality )
> Enclosures and wire are one of the few things that are a major pain to
> order online/ebay.
> -jjrh
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