[Lab] 3D print PCBs using NinjaFlex

eric.schmidt at rogers.com eric.schmidt at rogers.com
Mon Aug 11 13:36:06 EDT 2014

Just saw this on instructables, interesting:


(not just for flexible PCBs, you would follow the same process for a 'normal' copper-clad board)

I wonder how thin (i.e. in the Z dimension) you could print the ninjaflex and still get a reliable mask, in order to keep cost down.
I've been meaning to do a toner-transfer PCB for some time now, but the prospect of all the futzing around with an iron (when you're not sure the end-product will work) has me a bit daunted... I love the idea of printing the mask directly, then dumping the whole thing in the etchant.

Anyway, until there's a ninjaflex printer accessible to the public in the NCR, it's a moot point.

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