[Lab] how to control several RGB LEDs with Arduino

Olaf Baumann olaf.baumann at pobox.com
Fri Aug 1 08:59:26 EDT 2014

Hey Lab,

I got some RGB LEDS to play with but when I count the number of pins I
need, it doesn't look like I can drive very many.

The UNO has six PWM output pins and each RGB LED needs three.  As the
saying goes, twos company, but I want a crowd!

With regular LEDs, I used cascading shift registers to allow me to control
24 of them.  A great success in my temporarily blinded eyes.

Is there an analog analogue to the digital shift register?  It seems that
PWM is a hack for a voltage level, would a steady voltage be better?  SPI
or I2C would be bonus--maybe I could use an ATtiny85.

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