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Registration and event details is now open for Naturopolis 2014 at http://
naturopolis.ca <http://naturopolis.ca/2013-registration/>
If your mind / projects enjoy or benefit from building for a BIG canvas,
creating interactive installations or have an interest in a small dose of
what the Burning Man festival is like, this is a fantastic opportunity.
I'll be at the modlab tonight working on the templates for the 12' tall
golden arm waving cat <http://naturopolis.ca/evolving-effigies/> if anyone
is interested but has zeee questions or wants to arrange ticket payment in
person. Sadly it's the last modlab I'm going to be able to get to in a long
while due to a regular time conflict.

*What is Naturopolis?*
Naturopolis continues to bring together the best elements of a forest music
festival and Burning Man in an open-minded space where the creativity of
the community defines the shared experience of the participants. It's also
officially the unofficial Ottawa regional burn ;P It's ranged in size from
30 - 130 people in the past years.

*When is Naturopolis?*
Friday May 16th through Monday May 19th, 2014

*Where is Naturopolis?*
It will again take place on a beautiful property one hour south of Ottawa
near Ingleside, Ontario.

*How much is Naturopolis?*
Registration is $65 per person, kids 12 and under are free.

*How can I get involved?*
All efforts, big or small, simple or silly, combine to make the overall
experience magical. To prime your imagination, we’ve provided some examples
of how people commonly participate at http://naturopolis
.ca/how-can-i-participate, but this list is by no means exhaustive! For
those who already have ideas they would like to share or co-create with
other pARTicipants, feel free to share info by email to either art@
naturopolis.ca, music at naturopolis.ca, or info at naturopolis.ca and we'll help
connect you with great things for which the planning has already started.
It's also a very kid-friendly event - and workshops suited for wee ones
would be very warmly received to help build our next generations DIY ethos.
On a per-case basis we are able to support some art installations that
request with a focus towards covering new capital costs for installations
that would be re-imbursed post-event.

*How can I get the latest Naturopolis updates?*
We'll have more details coming in the days ahead as we - like the groundhog
on this first day of spring - dig ourselves out of this wet winter weather.
There's a couple of other ways you can stay aware of the plans for
Naturopolis. Via the blog: http://naturopolis.ca/category/blog/ or the FB
event: https://www.facebook.com/events/579071182189290/

BM Regional Contact of Ottawa
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