[Lab] A Question About Multiple Audio Devices

Amos Hayes amos at polkaroo.net
Sun Apr 6 18:12:02 EDT 2014

I have used a little cheap USB sound card ($10) with a Raspberry Pi. It has
mic and speaker ports. It shows up as a sound device in Linux. I imagine
you could use as many as you liked with a powered USB hub, although I'm not
sure if they would always number themselves in the same order when booting.

This might be overkill though if you only ever need one mic or speaker
working at a time. In that case, one mic/speaker jack + an couple 8-way
switches of some sort (what would you call those?) would do the trick.

amos at polkaroo.net
On 6 Apr 2014 10:37, "Anthony Scavarelli" <anthony.scavarelli at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone, I was curious if anyone has ever used multiple microphones
> and/or speaker outputs for any interactive projects.
> Basically I want to connect around 7-8 microphones to a computer and
> record from a random one at various times. I would also like to to do the
> same thing with multiple speakers (play sound from a random speaker at
> various times).
> I am thinking I might need some sort of audio board and special software
> (maybe FMOD or Ableton) but beyond this I haven’t had much luck finding
> anything just yet.
> Thanks for any help in advance!
> Anthony
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